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Credit the "thaw" financing of spring

This year, as deposit reserve ratio twice downgraded and credit easing, some improvements in the financing situation of small and medium enterprises. The boss during afternoon tea, we invite to come from SMEs and banks, small loan companies, government authorities who will discuss the improvement of financing conditions, by businesses, financial institutions, management communication, to change the financing environment was built to make suggestions.
innovative financing loan guarantee after the Chongqing business daily: the current real estate market as a whole runs low, real estate agents finance difficulties also became the moment an unavoidable reality. Cheng Xiang company good development momentum in the past year in addressing financing issues, Chairman can have any ideas to share with us?
Rong Yi: since last year, in order to expand store seize market opportunities, we had to go five or six banks for loans, eat a locked door. Because of the lack of effective collateral.  It is in this case, I introduced through friends found blue ocean finance company limited by guarantee. Blue Ocean finance owns downtown's largest micro-credit companies, micro-loans to the enterprises to "emergency". "Emergency" after following up security, handling fan but low cost replacement of Bank funds for micro-loans, realized, blue ocean and the banks win. Such an innovative approach which meets the requirements of "short and small, frequent, urgent" features and solves the problem of high borrowing costs. This replacement from July last year, we've won two of the 11 million Yuan Bank loan guarantees.
this service guaranteed by a finance company loans, more like some kind of micro-finance services, in practice it is more flexible and changeable, both the speed and the efficiency of police services of loans, compared to banks has greatly improved.
Allison mechanical Bank loan approval significantly speed up Chongqing business daily: for manufacturing companies, and cash flow problems have occurred, a comparison of before and under tight financial environment, Liao, Chairman of what kind of experience?
Liao min: so far this year, with two reduced the deposit reserve ratio of banks for small business loans also have some changes, the most obvious change is that banks in the loan approval increase in efficiency. Two years ago I found out no less than 5 bank loans, but they dragged down for various reasons. Never thought this year we find the Chongqing Bank, has run very smoothly. I use their factory to the Chongqing Bank loan applications and credit guarantees, credit will soon be given a reply and "visits" to view the collateral, by Bank auditing in a week, eventually assessed a total of 7 million Yuan loan and solve the pressing need.
but want to fundamentally change the financing dilemma of small and medium enterprises, need design and innovation in credit products. We the heads of these manufacturers, every year trying to get a good night's sleep is difficult. Because the banks ' short-term working capital loan period is coming up, and the centralized settlement of workers ' wages and, must find ways to foot the banks can continue to apply for loans in the next year.
in fact, banks can refer to the practices of financial institutions abroad, short-term loan applicants before expiration of collateral and credit review on time to pay off the interest, the credit quality of small business customers directly to extend loans, loan policy continuity. Standard Chartered Bank
no ceiling for mortgage loans is expected to improve the Chongqing business daily: plans to raise bank financing of small and medium enterprises, what do you suggest?
Wu Naishen: Standard Chartered Bank for SMEs launched mortgage-free small loans, is trying to raise the quota ceiling, to better help customers.
chartered to promote enterprise to their liquidity management has a global consciousness and awareness in the long run. Enterprises should be long-term and consistent contact with the Bank. We always encourage our customers to communicate with banks not think banks only when in need of a loan.
in addition, the corporate finance is far more than a loan, advises SMEs in Chongqing to widen their number, cash management, risk management, electronic banking is the enterprise should pay attention to.
in addition, many macro-policy of the country would affect the financing conditions for enterprises and, therefore, small and medium enterprises should improve the sensitivity of their policies, pay close attention to national policies and regulations. Micro-credit
Han China quality credit customers enjoy preferential interest rates on Chongqing business newspaper: in the context of Bank funds more and more loose, competitive advantages of a microfinance company is reflected in what respect?
Jiang Ke: credit Han China (Chongqing) cumulative loans since its establishment more than 8,000 employees, a total amount of nearly 3 billion yuan, with more than 4,000 customers to establish a partnership, all loans no collateral and no warranty. 40% customers belong to micro-enterprises.
this year, the company not only provides faster, simpler and easier approval of measures, it is down to the customer can be informed approval within 8 hours. For customers in good compliance record, the company also will give 5%~10% preferential interest rates. I would also like to remind those who are going to make loans to SMEs, must pay attention to its usual credit accumulation, do an honest, kind, hardworking business people easier access to credit.
loan products increase processing efficiency improved Super:
loan products increase processing efficiency has been increased from the current situation, certain improvements in the financing situation of small and medium enterprises, improvement is mainly reflected in the following aspects: one is an increase in loans for SMEs by financial institutions. Another change in the Bank for SME finance efficiency improvement. Despite the improvements, but daixiuchao also points out that financing situation remained essentially unchanged. Bureau of small and medium enterprises this year in addition to further increase cooperation with commercial banks, set up financing service platform, will also further promote the collection of SMEs note issuance. It is reported that at present, the notes issued an initial collection of SMEs, SMEs, 4 companies successful financing of 368 million Yuan. Daixiuchao introduced this year will not only continue to SMEs issued collection bills and issuance will be further expanded. BACK