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To understand the mortgage, we must first understand the concept of mortgage loan what is, mortgages mean: real estate mortgage loan borrower will have ownership of property as collateral for a loan. Borrower loan funds based on agreed repayment within the agreed period. Also, use the property after the mortgage is still in use, but if the expiration failed to pay or can't pay, then ownership of the property will be mortgage institutions to recover.
can apply for home mortgage real estate: ownership, there is no setting other mortgages of properties, clear property rights, documented, debt-free real estate. In addition, for real estate construction also have certain requirements: the loan of real estate construction is best controlled in less than 20 years, real estate construction, the closer the higher the amount of loan money available, whereas the lower.
use of mortgage funds generally include: car, decoration, education, medical care, travel and other spending, can also be used for commercial purposes such as corporate cash flow, start their own businesses.
when handling the mortgage loan, borrower loan funds also have a certain provisions of the borrower applies for a loan to the Bank that loans and loan funds to prove it.
This is done in order to strengthen the management of funds, to prevent possible fraud, loan funds into stocks and other risk industries. BACK