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Small business credit growth in hyper-speed

Regulators called for and supported by commercial banks used to be left out of the small spring ushered in the micro-enterprise credit. Released yesterday by the Central Bank statistical reporting of the 2012 loans from financial institutions to invest in the first quarter, according to the small business loans in the first quarter grew by 20.5%, more than average enterprise loan.
according to Central Bank data, new Yuan loans of financial institutions in China in the first quarter of the year 2.46 trillion yuan, compared with an increase of 216.9 billion yuan. At the end of March, financial institutions put the RMB loans totaled 37.24 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.2%. The sharp growth of small business loans, at the end of March, small business loan balance 10.38 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.5%, 5.3% higher than the total corporate loans, compared to medium and large enterprises respectively by 8.6 and 6%.
Societe Generale Chief Economist, Lu zhengwei said strengthening micro-enterprises financial support has become one focus of credit this year, regulators this year adds new content for small and micro enterprises, not only requires commercial banks to small and micro enterprise loan growth to above-average, proportion small and micro businesses also increased. "But annual overall growth of small and micro enterprises can maintain its level in the first quarter, it is difficult to determine. With the large corporate loan demand pick up, lines of small and micro enterprises will be suppressed; also, if small and micro enterprises have greater difficulties in some areas, loan demand will weaken. "Although the Government has introduced a series of policies to help small businesses ride out the storm, but from the practical standpoint, crack the bottleneck of small and micro enterprise financing is not easy. According to CBRC estimates put Bank loans in China mainly to medium and large enterprises, large corporate lending coverage of 100%, medium businesses for 90%, small business is only 20%, a lower percentage of micro-enterprises.
Lian ping, Chief Economist of Bank of communications believe that cracking the financing problems of small and micro businesses need to start from the root, should establish specifically for small business financial planning system, including policy banks, a large number of smaller commercial banks. On development of life has thousands of small loan companies, setting strict standards and let them escalate into a small commercial bank, specifically for small business financing.
and small business credit "in full swing" stark sight of is that real estate loans continued to decline. As March late, real estate loan balance 11 trillion yuan, compared growth 10.1%, than last year late low 3.8%; a quarter increased 242.7 billion yuan, compared less increased 281.2 billion yuan, a quarter incremental accounted for earlier the loan incremental of 10.2%, than last year annual level low 7.3%; personal purchase loan balance 7.3 trillion yuan, compared growth 12.1%, than last year late low 3.5%; a quarter increased 157.4 billion yuan, compared less increased 175.7 billion yuan. Real estate loans, affordable housing loans only showed a significant increase, by the end of March, affordable housing development loan balances 430.6 billion yuan, an increase of 63.7%, an increase of 39.1 billion yuan in the first quarter, accounting for 47.1% of real estate development loan increase over the same period, 3% lower than the annual level of the previous year. BACK